Sunday, November 25, 2012

Action Research

Action research is a way for educators critically consider issues and propose solutions. Much like a human, a school is a complex organism. The administrator is the head of this beast. The administrators role as disciplinarian, peacemaker, bargainer, and community activist could easily take up all of their time. However, their most important role is as an educational leader. Action research is a good way to help them to juggle the various pieces of their work.

Action research starts with reflection. An administrator will reflect on their decision making, policies,  or issues in the school. They will identify the issues in the area they are reflecting on. They will then gather data and input about the problem from those involved. They then can research the issue and propose potential solutions.

I look forward to learning more about action research and engaging in an action research project. I have never engaged in a research project in this style. At my school, tardiness is a huge issue. I am hoping to understand the depth of the issue, how it effects test scores and student performance, and presenting some potential solutions. Based on what I already know about the issue, I am thinking that technology may offer a potential solution to the issue.

Action Research... In Action?

Educational leaders can use action research to tackle any number of issues from tardiness to low test scores to how best to run the athletic department. There is really no limit to where the process of action research can take you. I imagine that I will use it primarily in figuring out what kind of curriculum would work the best, how technology can enhance it, and the best ways to implement said curriculum.

One excellent way to keep up with the educational leadership is to create... a blog! Blogging is a way to allow teachers and other stakeholders constant interaction. Blogs are marketplaces for ideas and have the added benefit of creating community which is always a plus for educators. 


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